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From Recruitment to Retention – Performance Management

In the larger organization in particular, it is important to integrate all the facets of the recruitment process with the talent management systems. Having disparate and disjointed IT systems, including standalone recruitment assessment tools, will mean extra administration and a disjointed process where good candidates and later employees run the risk of being lost in […]

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Embracing The Challenges And Opportunities That Come With A New Boss

Taking on a new boss or new position opens you up to many new opportunities and challenges. The key here is to take advantage of the new situations that will arise for you on a new job. The relationship that you establish with the new management could help you advance to higher positions, and make […]

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Five Trends Shaping The Future Of Work

When it comes to the future of work there are a few key trends which business leaders need to pay attention to.  Understanding these trends will allow organizations to better prepare and adapt to the changes which are impacting the way we work.  These five trends are: 1) changing behaviors which are being shaped by […]

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Top 25 Best Jobs in America – 2017

Elizabeth Hoyt

January 20, 2016

When deciding where to take your career path, it can be beneficial to know your options – like, say, the top jobs that are available. To aid in this decision-making process, people look to their interests, studies and rankings from studies across the globe.

So, in order to help with your career prospects, […]

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Foolish Facebooking

Landing a job is difficult enough in our nation’s bleak job market, but when potential new hires make the mistake of posting inappropriate, private materials on Facebook, or any other social networking site, they run the risk of “black balling” themselves from future prospects. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace are just some of the networking […]

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Tweeting Yourself Out of A Job

How Twitter Might Hurt Your Career…

Of course nowadays everyone knows who Twitter is. Unfortunately not all Twitter users know everyone who they let follow them. Tweeting day-to-day blurbs and conversations, sometime personal ones can lead to your job termination or cease your employment efforts with another organization.

Jennifer K. (last name with held by request) out […]

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Your Credit Score Can Stop You From Getting Hired

You would think that being unemployed is stressful enough, but when you find you’ve been passed over for a job because your credit isn’t as good as it was when you were employed, you tend to feel the pressure a bit more. It comes to much surprise that more and more companies are checking potential […]

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Pre, During & Post Interview Conduct

People are always looking for general yet solid interviewing tips. We surveyed just over 1000 Chief Financial Officers, Treasurers, Controllers, CIO’s and other hiring authorities and here’s what they had to say. Some of it is basic and obvious. Some of it’s a great refresher. Yet some of it provides new perspective.

Pre Interview Conduct:

Take a practice […]

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Typical Interview Questions

There are many different questions that can be asked of you during an interview. There are also different styles of questions that can be asked like behavioral/competency versus conversational situational or technical. At CCA we are able to provide you insights from hiring authorities and their favorite questions they like to ask.

How would you describe […]

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