How Twitter Might Hurt Your Career…

Of course nowadays everyone knows who Twitter is. Unfortunately not all Twitter users know everyone who they let follow them. Tweeting day-to-day blurbs and conversations, sometime personal ones can lead to your job termination or cease your employment efforts with another organization.

Jennifer K. (last name with held by request) out of Buffalo, NY did exactly that. There she was tweeting the day’s events, which included a job interview she had with a “stuffy hiring authority.” Because her boyfriend of six years had deceived her she tweeted how men are “deceitful,” and some other comments that were not too bad. Well she was served a slice of reality when she found out that one of the people in the department she would be working in was following Jennifer and reported to the “stuffy hiring authority.” Nevertheless, Jennifer was asked back for a second interview and found herself face-to-face with her follower. After some cordial interview questions the interview took a social turn to “How long have you been in Buffalo?”…”Where do you like to eat?”… “Do you ever do any social networking?” You can see where this is going. Sure enough her tweets were brought up. Now, if the Company had any reservations about her candidacy prior to her tweets they are most certainly amplified now. She walked out of the interview feeling like she lost the job and their perception of her was she is emotionally distraught. Not to mention her tweeted observation of the hiring authority. Regrettably, she was not asked back.

Be very cautious about who and how you tweet. Do not tweet about controversial issues! Yes, we have made intense progress for equality in the United States but as you know there are still those who resist. Gabriel D. in Boston, MA found himself in quite a predicament when his Friday night escapades were revealed in a string of tweets that went back and forth. Let’s face it: Perception is reality. Now although that should make no difference in the work force unfortunately, it did. He found himself in awkward situations at work feeling the heat of watching eyes and newly formulated opinions. After nine weeks went by the organization went through typical cutbacks we are seeing in today’s economy and Gabriel was one of 57 employees who were terminated from the organization. However, he was the only one to be let go in his department.

Social networking can be a very effective means of getting answers quick to questions, getting opinions on certain topics and many other useful avenues. But at the end of the day we must all remember that whenever you tweet you are most likely getting just others opinions tweeted back to you and not facts. Typically, when you tweet you are in a mind-set of your current mood, which may not be how someone else is feeling. We assume that if we’re feeling happy then everyone else who reads our tweets is feeling the same. Ultimately though tweets are no better then emails when it comes to analyzing the tonality of them. Which is impossible to do accurately all the time.


by Ashley Ricks