1. Needs Analysis and Profile Development

Initially, we develop a profile of the desired candidate and prioritize the attributes between required and desired. This is necessary to develop our proprietary needs analysis strategy. This detailed process presents a comprehensive picture of the successful candidate for the role. This will provide a document which serves as the basis for the entire recruiting approach. Our needs analysis strategy is geared toward identifying synergies, or lack thereof, between the candidate and the opportunity.

2. Search Strategy

We develop a unique and effective strategy to complete the search. Understanding where your target market looks is just one avenue for successful recruiting. True recruiting at its heart is dependent upon developing a network of people around the specific function of the job. Our resources provide us the ability to accomplish this task.

3. Identification and Evaluation

All potential candidates are thoroughly interviewed, qualified and compared. When the best candidates are identified we help them to understand if it’s the right opportunity for them. Self-realization inherently begins the closing process for the candidate accepting the job. Once this is accomplished we feel comfortable in presenting the candidate to our client.

4. Presentation

At this point we are able to deliver excited candidates that are interested and qualified in the role. These candidates also possess the intangible soft-skills our clients desire.

5. Reference Checks

All our candidates’ backgrounds are investigated for activities that could produce red flags or risks associates with the potential hire. Drug screens are performed at the clients’ request.

6. Negotiation

We do not want our clients putting out offers that will not be accepted. All of our recruiters are trained in the art of negotiations and closing to help our clients successfully overcome objections prior to an offer being made. We thoroughly understand what it will take to deliver the candidate to the client.

7. Follow-up

It is our policy to follow up with all hiring authorities after the placement is made. Many of our clients call us after the fact to gain insight on retention and continuing to manage candidate expectations. We welcome these calls and meetings long after the placement is made.