One of the most important facets of our business model is how we present candidates to our clients. Along with the presentation of the candidate is not only a list of highlights discovered throughout the interview process, but a candid delivery, detailed and realistic snapshot of the candidate’s personality, and strengths as well as weaknesses. This helps our clients have a very strong picture of who our candidates are before bringing them in.

We recognize that our candidates’ needs evolve during the interview process. Candidates may be entertaining multiple opportunities, become inundated with information and pulled in several directions. It is during this delicate time our recruiters’ experiences and insights will keep their minds focused and on course. During this process, we also keep our clients abreast of all these changes as this evolution occurs, thereby eliminating any surprises during the interview process.

We have been known to pull candidates mid-process if something surfaces that just doesn’t sit right with us so your time is not wasted. We are interested in making a long-term fit versus a short-term fee. This accounts for our 98% retention rate with our clients.